Asylum – Empty (Demo)


When i started thru the night

I know that no one wake

Let the moon to steal my dream again

Never know how bring it back

I feelin so alone

And i feelin so small

I hate the way i feel

When i broken slowly

Its much tear me

I love the way you feel

All the torment inside

now liftin


I Scream no sound

I rest in sleepless sleep

My eyes still blind

I wont be here

I hold this emptiness

I wake i weak


I Burnt Hole the inside

Download Asylum – Empty Feat. Ega Jigsaw Puzzle


About rendyadamf
assalamu'alaikum wrwb..salam kenal buat teman - teman rendy TTL : Bandung, 30-06-84. gw kuliah di UNISBA. gw nulis blog ini hanya untuk curahkan semua pemikiran gw..dan gw udah ubah haluan jalan hidup gw..menjadikan jihad sebagai satu-satunya jalan hidup gw!!

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