Rendy Asylum

Sonny Dojji ex.Mobil Derek
Sam Lavascream
Topan The Shades

Hey hey..Yep Deadman judul lagu ini,emm cerita tentang zombie haha..ya banyak orang hidup tapi dah ga ada hati, ga ada rasa, mereka bernafas dalam tubuh yang mati. mati aja lu haha..lagu ni dibuat waktu gw SMA gw pengen rec ulang lagi aja,,waktu itu Asylum cuma berdua, yaitu gw Gitar n voice, ama Topan “The Shades” sebagai bassist ada drummer, gw minta bantuan aja d ngiiin drummnya walaupun techno ama om gw Soni “Mobil Derek” dan ada yang tukang ngomel alias ngerapnya yaitu Sam “Lavascream” band punk-grunge asal Perancis haha kusut gini ya..selamat mendengarkan lowh..dan udah duluan hahaha


you dull sheep. You won’t start a revolution now. Ahah. You’re trapped. How’s that sound? Nothing’s meant to last. World changes and evolves. And we all gonna die!!!

And you feed me pain
And you press me down
And now i know
You sit on us
You Laugh on dying man

People Die
People cry
All the people suffer
Fond is rare
judgeless life
And im a deadman walking
For you….

It’s just a matter of time. Tired to be put in a box? If making a smaller box inside yours makes you feel bigger. Then help yourself. Keep blaming bad luck and circumstances. While you wonder how better things would have turned if made differently, I keep moving – working my ass off designing better looking ones for your kids, with flat screen TV’s, think it’s too late? You probably right. Let me take over now.

And you lift me up
And you drop me down
And now i know you trick on us
And you start this is war

Download Deadman


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